We are dedicated to wine, Naija wine; from the technical aspects of winemaking to the fine points of etiquette. Nigerians have shown an increasing demand for wine as both men and women, adopt wine as their favourite drink, especially at public functions and indoor celebrations. Wine is now seen to be an ideal alternative to lager for many consumers, particularly female consumers, who generally do not prefer beer. Therefore, as the numbers of women living in Nigeria’s urban areas who are in professional work increases, demand for wine is growing on the one hand. For men on the other hand, the social status that wine confers on drinkers, who consider it to be more sophisticated than other drinks such as beer and gin, has also made it popular.

Come on! Join us and other Nigerians who have Oenophilia – A disciplined devotion to wine and its accompanying strict traditions of consumption and appreciation.

Whether you are a wine aficionados or connoisseurs, a collector of wine, or a  hobbyists, some may also be professionals like vintners, sommeliers, wine merchants, or one who tastes and grades wines for a living.

We are here to give you all the information you need.

Enjoy life on cloud WINE!!

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Good wine should have some outstanding qualities- To Satisfy Your Thirst
-To keep you healthy
-To Give Great Value for Money


Wine should be made from organic fruits through an organic process and preserved organically

Wine is a brilliant complement for most foods. Explore our wine and food pairing chart and know which wine goes with what food


Good wine has to be properly packed to withstand the rigours of transportation and climate change. Wine needs to be packed in such a way that it retains and delivers the expected quality and taste.


People believe it is about the money, we believe it’s about the value. Good wine should always give you value for whatever it costs.

Good wine shouldn’t burn a whole in your pocket

Good wine should make you feel better. Good wine should make you aspire to be all you can be. It must have an infectious feeling of aspiration on you otherwise

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